The MLC Truth

We work for the Vets and Truth

The Ugly Truth beneath the surface

This group is run by a couple who have committed fraud against its members but more importantly against our vets! We are going to show the many wrongs and share the truth. 

Remember if these people would have told the truth, done what they promised or simply admitted fault this page would not be necessary. This has been self inflicted, we are just sharing what has been uncovered. 

Help stop this club and its leaders.

Please keep reading for more facts! 

VFW Charity Event - August 2016

  • Almost $7000 collected from group members during the event. Group was told all money donated would be given to the VFW to help our Vets.
  • When questioned about the donation soon after the event and to this day, they refer to evidence that has been proven to be fake. 
    • Exaple: Email communications with a Mr. Jessie Jones of the Jefferson City VFW that NEVER actually happened. 
    • Keep reading to learn just how despicable these people are!

If you have the truth on your side why would you need to fake your innocence?

We Seek Justice for the VETs

  • This couple has ripped many people off and have got away with it for long enough.
  • We ask that you please stop supporting their events and help spread the truth.
  • We ask that you share this information with anyone that you know that continues to support them. Contact and boycott any business that continue to support and allow their them

A Review of The fraud

The donation amount doesn't seem to stay the same...

This is from during the event, she is sharing where the donation amount currently stands.

As we go on pay attention to the donation amount, it continues to change.  

Telling the truth is easy, remembering your lies is hard.

The first of many lies start September 6, 2016

This is where the lies truly begin. B is letting the Facebook world know she is feeling thankful at the Department of Missouri Veterans of Foreign Wars. 

This took premeditation on this persons part. She went onto social media and told everyone where she was. What were they to think other than she was there to make the donation? 

The VFW has no record of this meeting or any donations being made. Suspicious? We think so.

This becomes imprtant later so remember that she is claiming to be at the VFW in Jefferson City MO.

The lies to The Group continue

Soon after the event, members of The Group began to question the if the donation occurred. for several reasons. At that time this email was provided to some group members. 

  • Using ONE authentic email exchange asking the VFW a question a whole series of back and forth messages were created.
  • How do we know they were created and not valid? The VFW has no record of this exchange on their servers, nor does the employee have a recollection of this exchange
  • The email address was edited and is not valid address.
  • VFW employee Jessie Jones' name is also misspelled in several places.

Validating the Email Messages

We sent message to the email address

The email address does not work 

Review of the lies told in the email

  • 2...Remember her tagging herself in Jefferson City? Great she mentions that date again here. Additionally, to this date this group has yet to find a Dale W. who attended this meeting. 
  • 3... Here she states she singed THE check along with a bank employee Mary. She also states THE check was in the amount $6870 was given in Jefferson City MO.
    • Key things here: 
      • Only one check 
      • The amount is $6870
  • 4... Check amount and bank it came from. 
  • Also note just below box #4, they mention discretion and anonymity as a condition of the donation. The VFW is a public charity and donations must be recorded and are public information
  • 5...Jessie's name is spelled "Jesse" here, Who spells their own name incorrectly in a official communications???

May 18, 2017 People started reaching out directly to the VFW.

Remember Jefferson City is the office where she placed herself on Sept 6, 2016.

Now we have the manager of that 3 person office saying they NEVER (!!!!) got a donation in the amount stated above. Nor could they find a record of any donations close to this amount or even multiple donations from anyone that would total this amount.

The Group leaders response to this was that  the donation was made using more then one check, the story has changed once again.

As of the start of July 2017 the VFW in Jefferson City MO has continued to maintain that NO donation has been made in this amount or by either of these people. 


The mystery of the TWO pink check receipts.

Remember this post that was deleted just about as fast it was put up? A lot of people do who have been following this closely. It shows 2 pink check receipts that she is saying are the receipts to the checks that were used for the donation.

Look closely they are dated September 7, 2016. Hmmm... remember her meeting was on September 6th. Think about this please! Wouldn't she have had to have the check or checks BEFORE the 7th to give them on 6th?

Close up on Pink checks.

Clearly dated September 7, 2016 

They were removed from Facebook never to be posted again as promised, nor when asked to view them in person were they available.

Also we see 2 receipts for checks not 1.

In person examination of the checks

This image shows hand taken notes about the returned donation checks. 

Actual images of the checks were not provided or allowed to be taken, the reasoning given was that the VFW bank info is on the back.

A few items to note:

  • The 2 checks not just one.
  • These 2 check amounts now total $6,810, another new amount.
  • The bank information on the back indicates that they were cashed by JPMorganChase 
    • This just happens to be the same place where HE works.
    • JPMorganChase is not a traditional bank.
  • Reguardless, the VFW does not bank with JPMorganChase.

Validating the check


When asked about the check numbers provided, the issuing bank responded with this letter.  As you can see for yourself nothing is adding up.

The Lies just keep going on and on, it is sickening to what level these people are willing to go to keep the money meant for those that have fought for YOUR freedom. 

A final act of desperation

A Donation was made...but not really


This letter was posted thanking them for a donation. Look closely at the first paragrah, is that even proper English? Is that the same font? 

The picture only shows just enough of the letter to give those that may be on the fence enough detail, but not everyone was satisfied. There is no way to see who singed it or who to call to check for proof. so we did a bit of digging. Also, note the amount: $6810 

The REAL Letter


We contacted the VFW again and a copy of the REAL letter was provided to us. 

  • Notice the first paragraph is very different than what they shared.
  • $200? Only $200? Where is the other $6670 or is it $6610??
  • This letter was generated from the Kansas City MO office not Jefferson City.
  • In case you are wondering, i know we were, so we asked and were told that no other donation was made to this office (or any other) by these people, EVER!

A bit more about the letter

The letter that was sent was part of a mass mailing from the KC office, going to at least 200 people based on the info where a stamp goes (Presort first class) 

To simplify the process, they pull in name, address, donation amount and date of the donation from a list and fill it into a pre-written letter, think the old Microsoft Mail Murge program.

This is why they could provide a copy of the letter that was provided to her.

Are you wondering why the real letter is white not cream? This is a digital representation of the letter generated from their system, they print on the nice cream paper.

Finally Please Help stop them

This is just ONE example.

While learning about this blatent stealing of The Groups members donations for the VFW, we learned of several other acts of theft, fraud and out right lies that these people have commited. Don't worry we are working on providing that information as well. So stay tuned for more!

How can you help?

Only you can stop these people. 

  • Stop attending their events. By attending you are telling them that this is okay, It is not!
  • Stop publicly supporting them in words or actions.
  • Do not support those that are allowing them to continue.
    • The Inn at Grand Glaze at the Lake of the Ozarks MO is allowing them to hold an event on August 18th & 19th, 2017. We will NEVER stay at this hotel if they allow this to happen, will you?
  • Share this link and webpage with everyone you know that will read it and tell them stop!
  • We ask that if you can to make a donation to a Vet organization of your choice, our vets have been slighted for over $6000, lets make sure some good can come of this.
  • If you see injustice, make it known!

Know this we will never stop fighting.

  1. Do not fear, there are more people than you know fighting behind the scenes in many different ways.
  2. We are fighting on many different fronts and will keep fighting till these crooks are stopped.
  3. To "those that are keeping it classy" you are no better than what you associate yourself with and you are sleeping with the DEVIL, don't think that it hasn't been noted.